Learn How to Mix R&B like a Pro!

Mixing R&BIf you are anything like I was, you are probably going through all the up and downs of mixing R&B. Maybe you’ve spent countless hours or even days mixing the same record and you’re still getting the same results.

It’s okay I was there.

I’ve gone through all the trials and tribulations of mixing R&B. I’ve spent hours and hours trying to figure it out and now I’m here to help save you time.



I’ve been fortunate enough to interview and talk to some really talented engineers. Most, if not all of them, have been ditching their clunky outboard gear and heading in the box.

They believe the technology is so good now that they can deliver the same quality mixes inside-the-box that they could only do outside-the-box, not too long ago.


In This Tutorial You Will Aquire a Better Understanding of the Following:

  • Organization

In every video you will see me talk about the organization of each session (colour coding, grouping, arranging, naming etc). See how I like to lay things out and stay organized so the that you can think creatively in the mixing process.

Gin Staging
  • Gain Staging

Gain Structure is a major proponent to the quality of a mix. If you want your tracks to be loud but still clean and musical, than gain staging is a must. I explain how I do that in each video.

  • Drums That Pop!

A very important part of mixing R&B is that the drums pull through the speakers. It’s not enough to hear the rhythm of the drums, you also have to feel it. I go through the entire process of how I was able to get these drums to come to life so that they touch the listener.

  • 2 Stage DeEssing

The concept of DeEssing sounds simple – just throw up a plugin right? That’s not what I do. Learn how I do my two stage DeEssing process where I use automation and plugins for the best results and most natural sounding vocals.

  • Creative Use of Effects

R&B can be a bit confusing when it comes to effects. I tend to keep it simple and use my gut feelings to determine the effects. See how you can create lush environments with simple use of effects.

Parallel Compression
  • Parallel Compression

There are a few different uses for parallel compression and a few different reasons why you would use it. I explain exactly why I used parallel compression in each song to enhance a particular

Vocals that Cut
  • Vocals That Cut

Another very important part of mixing R&B is the vocals. These are crucial in terms of how good or bad the mix is going to sound. Follow along as I go through all the processing I used, step-by-step so you have a psychological understanding as to why I did what I did.

  • Mastering

Everytime I send out a mix, I have to give the client a pseudo master so they can hear what it sounds like “finished”. See how I approach the Mix Buss and what I use to give it that “radio” sound.

  • Automation

Each record would not sound the way the do with out automation. Follow along as I show you how I added in some musical automation to give life to each record.

Plus A LOT More…


Tutorial Structure

Video Part #1

  • Introduction

  • Setting Up Session

  • Gain Staging

  • Session Effects

Video Part #2

  • Bass

  • Drums

  • Instruments (Piano, Synths, Guitars)

  • Guitars

Video Part #3

  • Verse Vocals

  • Chorus Vocals

  • Harmonies

  • Mastering & Automation

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Just wanted to say “Great Job” on that tutorial….. Thanks for sharing. I’ve been mixing for about 4 years, and it’s tough because some do not want to share (tips and tricks) whats been freely given to them. A lot of the well established engineers were taught by someone else, but then refuse to teach others . . . . Thanks Again . . . I will study this intently!!!!!
hi Justin so long time follower and i gotta say that first mixing video is great stuff man. i just wanted to say i really like how you did it and I am glad I signed up, keep up the good work.
Honestly, I really like your tutorials. I especially like the way you explain your thought process when you’re mixing as well as when you interview another engineer. In my opinion, you could never have too much of that! I know what problems I think I hear in a track but a lot of times it’s a totally different problem you’re hearing as a more experienced engineer. VERY, VERY HELPFUL!!!! As I mentioned before, I really like your use of FX on vocals and instruments. It always seems to push the mix in a very musical way. This and your automation moves in my opinion are among your best qualities! Great Stuff!